This blog was created as a platform for my Android apps, namely NTW Text Editor and Pendulum Chaos so far. But I admit I neglect it and often digress, a lot :'(

Nevertheless, if you are interested in this sort of things, you can glean some conceptual insights into how NTW was conceived in my earliest posts

Friday, 23 November 2012

BLACK FRIDAY! NTW price cut ;)


Prices cut to the minimum that Google will allow for each respective currency :D

Switch over to NTW Pro now and enjoy its whole arsenal! For example, Undo/Redo history up to 9999, custom fonts, continuous Text to Speech, power tools like word wrapping, EOL control and so on!

Some reviews by NTW Pro users:

Andrew: The ONLY fullscreen, distraction free editor on the market! Absolutely fantastic! Great distraction-free editor implementation, and the only one on the market that's got a working fullscreen edit! (I've tried -all- of them). If you want to do real writing on your phone with a bluetooth keyboard, -this- is the way to do it. I can finally write -anywhere-! Super customizable, and the theme out of the box is high contrast and very easy to work with. I don't have a tablet to test it on, but I expect it's just as good on one. Great, responsive dev!
Dennis: Best Droid editor! I've tried the popular ones. I use NTW to update my website. It's totally reliable. I bought the pro version.
Dominik: Naprawdę obsługuje duże pliki Polecam. To chyba jedyny program, który pozwala na edycję pliku powyżej pół megabajta.
Ernest: Only editor that handles large files. Haven't used many of its features, but I like the ones that I HAVE used.
Br: Very nice. Love the customization options, works well with Swiftkey Tablet (unlike some other well known text editors), does what it's supposed to do. Surprised it's not used more.
Alistair: Brilliant text editor. Works brilliantly. Not sure about the original theme settings but these are easily reconfigured. Can't think of any other features I would need. I edit HTML documents sometimes and it has a html mode which is great. Good work.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

The stunned silence that followed was clichédly deafening, and yes, you could easily hear a pin drop.

"Well, what do you say? The boy ain't got all night you know, his body will go back to dying again when the Finkarian restoratives wear off."

"We can become Life-Users..." Hans said in a wistful tone.

"Really? Us? For real? Us" Delana was babbling.

"Yes, to save the boy." said the doctor, and seeing the shiny stars in their eyes, added with a smirky little drawl in his voice, "But don't worry, you'll both be very weak Users. Back in the day, we called Users like you luuuusers." , dragging out the last word with much aplomb.

After a very short pause, Delana retorted, "I'm gonna kill you one day Matthias!"

She was always good at a fast recovery, Hans thought, he himself was so mortified at having his hopes raised and then dashed that he could only manage a reproachful look at the wretched doctor. He and Delana had grown up together, childhood sweethearts, and the topic they discussed the most throughout their youth was to become magic Users. Delana favoured the raw power of the Divas, while he himself thought the technowizardry feats of the Finkarians were more amazing. But really, they weren't picky, becoming any type of magic User at all would be a dream come true for both of them.

"Oh, don't sulk! It's not what it's cracked up to be, most people just treat it as a tool of last resort. Being a Life User, especially a weak one like what you'll be, is often just too much trouble than it's worth. You get bad headaches, waking nightmares, and a wide range of sensations that we call the Shivers whenever any major activity on the network passes down to you." said Matthias with a rueful shake of his head, then continued with a smug look.
"Some Users actually went to register themselves just to make their lives more bearable, but luckily for you, I know an alternative solution." He finished off with a complicated flourish of his sleeves and a little tip of his head.

There was clearly a bit of the rascal in the doctor that they had never seen before, perhaps this was the old him, before whatever happened that made him become a doctor in Tradmart.

"Who will it be then?" Matthia said, he was suddenly all seriousness again.

"Me." Delana said quickly.

Hans knew what she was trying to do. True, it was Delana's turn now; they had worked out a system when it came to unpleasant things that had to be done, and it had become so ingrained in their daily lives they barely had to consciously keep track anymore. Being a weak Life User was apparently going to something of a lifelong suffering, so Delana was going to insist on following through with their system.

"NO! This is serious, we have to discuss this!" Hans cried out immediately, he just couldn't let her take on this kind of burden.

"What is there to discuss really? Hans, you and I have both wanted a baby for so long, and one of us has to do it. Why not me?" Delana said stoically. She was going to be stubborn. "Matthias, just how bad can things get for a weak Life-User?"

"It won't kill you if that's what you're asking. Don't fret too much, you'll get a lot of headaches and bad dreams the first few weeks, but eventually you'll get the hang of my method. And frankly, I think Delana would be more suitable to save the boy, most undeveloped minds respond better to a motherly touch."

To be continued...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

The ensuing commotion was predictably chaotic but thankfully short. The doctor took over immediately and quickly organized them into a semblance of cooperative effort. Wrapping him up in hot towels, blowing a few breaths down his mouth, pumping on his little chest, and then dripping a drop of Finkarian restorative down his throat. They repeated this on and on into the long night.

Sometime in the night, Corporal Reynolds left, apologizing profusely but also telling them he couldn't see much point in continuing and his nerves were so rattled he needed to go home for a long rest.

That was true, the innkeeper found himself thinking, it was all very touching, but also extremely bizarre that the dear doctor would try so hard to bring back a child who was so obviously dead. Drowned or chilled to death, it didn't matter. He had lost count after the 8th cycle of blow, pump and restorative. If he could have been revived, he would have long ago. The doctor was no stranger to death, he should have accepted this one by now.

He exchanged a look with Delana and could tell she was thinking the same too. Then with a sigh and a little shake of her head, she tilted her chin towards the doctor and looked pointedly at her husband. Well then, fine, it was his turn this time.

"Mattias, " He said hesitantly, "Perhaps, it's time to -"
"No." The doctor said, and then he frowned, not with frustration or grief, but strangely as though he was intrigued by an interesting problem. "I can carry on. The two of you can go to bed if you wish, I'll carry on down here. I'm sure I can fix this by dawn."

"Mattias, he is dead. You have to let it go." The innkeeper persisted. He imagined that the doctor perhaps had a poignant regret with some other drowned baby he failed to save, these sort of things were possible and can affect people in unusual ways.

"No, really, I have it under control. I can feel it. He is not really dead... in fact he may not even really be alive either, but it is definitely there, so so strongly. My methods are just not right. Maybe I need to be more subtle and guide it more instead of pushing.... Dammit, I'm out of practice, too damaged, and I just can't handle that much Life!"

"Huh?" The innkeeper and his wife were lost. Had the dear doctor lost his marbles?

The doctor froze in mid-pump, looking afraid all of a sudden. He stared at the innkeeper and his wife for a while, apparently thinking. Then he visibly relaxed and said "Hans and Delana, we've known each other for a long time, and I know you two are trustworthy folks. Tell me, would you like to adopt this child?"

"Are you insane, Matthias, Don't toy with my feelings, it's dead!" Delana cried out.
"I think he's serious, Delana. Didn't you notice him mentioning Life? You're a Life-User, aren't you, Matthias? Your Life can save this child?" 

There was a short silence before the doctor spoke with a grimace.
"Yes. I'll appreciate if you could keep this to yourself."

"You know you can trust us. But... why the secrecy, Matthias? So what if you're a Life-User? It's no crime really, even the unregistered ones get no more than a few days confinement in the School if caught."

"I have my reasons." The doctor said grimly. "Now, do you want to adopt this child?"

Of course they did. They had been trying for the past 3 years, but Delana had only managed to experience four miscarriages, each more painfully saddening than the last.

"Good. The Finkarian restorative has restored his body somewhat, but its efforts are limited because his consciousness is somehow numb to all our efforts, like a very deep sleep, but deeper than anything I've ever encountered. I've been trying to prod his consciousness all this while to awaken it so it will connect with his body, but it's not responding. I need your help."

"But what can we do? We don't know any magics, can't you just pump Life into him until he wakes up?" 

"Arrrrgghhh, the ignorance of laymen! The Life I wield is not like a drug that can be poured down anyone's throat. Life, is a network of every living mind, a Volyns State existence that only other Life Users can truly comprehend. A Life-user has the ability to access this network, and through it, influence the minds of others. I have an idea on how to bring him back, but at least one of you will have to become a Life-User too. And I would advice that you keep yourself unregistered."

To be continued... :P

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Brainstorming ideas for NTW

Been thinking what directions NTW should take next.
It seems most of the really useful (IMHO) power functions are there, like true searching with wildcards, text to speech, shelf system, and encodings and stuff.
And NTW must maintain its user interface standards too, minimize the amount of button pressing, maintain an intuitive enough way of doing things and so on.

Anyway, the following are some of my ideas.

Custom interface
Provide icon packs, although that would seem a bit of an overkill for an app with just a few thousand downloads.
Alternately, just allow user to specify their own icons, color scheme, size and position of icons, etc.
But the issue would then be how to implement it in a user friendly manner. Asking users to write their own custom xml layout files is probably out of the question. And contrary to what the layman might believe, creating a interface for the user to drag and place icons around on the screen is not straightforward, especially when I know the layman will also expect NTW to automatically refine the alignment of the icons with each other instead of having a few pixels of gap in between or just 1 few pixels higher or lower than each other due to the user's inaccuracy when placing them icons.

WYSIWYG editing of HTML or RTF files
Too tough, no existing libraries means I will have to program everything from scratch... eeek!

Superuser access to edit anything:
Jota Editor recently managed to implement this, congrats to him!
I actually did create an alpha version a while back which made use of the command line to gain super user access to edit any file, but it was sadly unstable, because the system response from the commandline can vary quite a bit, so I would sometimes get items missing and other irritating issues, not to mention it was like a witchhunt, going through all my code to find all the places that needed superuser access.

Convenient playlist mode
I've been thinking whether I should add a playlist mode to the NTW's Filebrowser, i.e. a convenient way of creating playlists by tapping files and long tapping folders to automatically add them into a specified playlist file. Because it seems many music players limit the creation or editing of playlists to its database where you can only select by albums or singers or entire folders. Whereas I sometimes want to play only a custom selection of songs from various singers located in many different folders. There is an app called Just Playlists that support creation of playlists through its filebrowser though, so maybe this feature is not really very useful on NTW.

Support for Dropbox and other cloud storage
Nice, but seems rather risky, and not actually neccessary, as NTW+Dropsync does the job perfectly well.

Better chunking system
A more seamless loading of the next and previous chunk during navigation. Such that all the loading of the next and previous chunks are done automatically in the background and its all buffered, so it feels as though the user is opening the whole file at one go with no memory limitations.
But.... Chunking is already pretty complicated as it is, I dread to think what complications and obstacles I might face, especially the compability with the various devices and Android OS versions.

Monday, 23 April 2012

This is by no means a serious attempt at writing a story. I've had it in my head for years and years, and have taken tons of notes on it. But I can never seriously sit down to write even a rough draft of it, because my own criticism going on inside my head kills it after a few paragraphs. On the other hand, I can usually write pages and pages of blog/forum/fb posts with no problem. So I'm gonna give the informal approach a go here and hope something comes out of this.


Chapter 1.1

It was a dark and windy night. The wind came howling gently from the north, cold and biting, bringing with it the faint scent of lichen flowers from the green peaks of the Luding Mountains.

The river running beside the inn was quite deep but no more than three meters across. The innkeeper was an enterprising fellow and he would suspend small crates of beer into the chillingly cold river water. He was not supposed to do that of course, the river was the main source of water for the entire city of Tradmart and there were regulations against polluting it. But his customers paid more for chilled beer than warm mead, and this more than made up for the occasional bribes when officials came checking.

It was slow business that night. Most people including all his staff had gone home early for their spring reunion dinner. There was just him, his wife, and two regulars in the inn. One was a doctor from the north sector, the other was a police constable who had just dropped by for an unofficial break while doing his rounds. Both were finishing up already
He was cleaning the common room for the night while his wife was doing the kitchen. The doctor was leaving and ordered a beer to drink on his way back, so his wife leaned adroitly over the window to pulled up a crate from the river.

And then he heard her short sharp scream.

No, not rats, lizards, or cockroaches, Delana had nerves of iron and was not frightened by such common sights. Could she have injured herself somehow? He felt his heart skip a beat and then a rush of vigor flow through him as he dropped his mop and ran towards the kitchen.

From the corridor, he saw Delana standing facing the window, her back heaving hard with huge breaths.  Whatever happened, it had got her really terrified.

"There, there, what's the matter, Delana?" Reaching out, he touched her shoulder gently and said as soothingly as he could. She said nothing, just turned to hug him and pointed at the ground. He looked down. And his breath stopped.

It was a baby. Human apparently, judging from his features, but his skin was an unhealthy shade of gray-blue and still dripping wet from the cold river water. He lay there quite neatly, as though just sleeping, in a crate of beer. The innkeeper gasped and felt sickened as though kicked in the gut. He could see no sign of life in the child.

"What's the matter? You need any help?" Both the doctor and the police had entered the kitchen as well. They had not seen the baby yet.

Job hunting
It seems rather hopeless finding a job that matches my skills, I'm wondering if I should just spam job portals and let the employers decide whether I am suitable rather than cherrypicking my way through jobs.

I have a materials science degree, but I focused on computational materials science in uni, doing mostly theoretical stuff, writing Matlab and C code from scratch.
In my first job, I picked up digital signal processing and Labview. Then in my 2nd and current job, I do mostly semiconductor fabrication, thermochemical calculations, statistical analysis, and reaction kinetic analysis. I also write Matlab code for all of them, referring directly to the equations in the original papers if need be. And in my free time these past 2 yrs, I picked up Java from scratch to write NTW version 1.01 (within 1 month :D). And I converted my Matlab code for Pendulum Chaos to the Android platform as well.

However, when job hunting, the job descriptions rarely specify Matlab or Labview or ability to derive and implement mathematical modelling. They all want people who :
1) Have computer engineering degrees and can use/setup specific computer hardware.
2) Are very hardcore experimentalists in the field of materials or chemistry.
3) Have an IT degree and know 1 million and 1 programming languages.

Nobody looks for a flexible theoretical computational materials science guy with a penchant for planning and picking up computational/theory related stuff fast :(
Feeling very sad, lost and unappreciated now...
Maybe striking out on my own is really the most suitable option for me now...
But it's hard to be confident when it seems that everyone who tries my baked goods have a different opinion on it. I really need something that 90% of people will agree is the best ever they have tasted and will kill for more. Like the Hokkaido Shiroi Koibito chocolate, Famous Amos, Royce's Nama chocolates, Petit Provence's sesame pizza (I'm addicted to it :d).

Just wanted to update that I've found a killer recipe for Japanese cheesecake and developed a very nice (IMHO killer too :D) recipe for Langues de chat cookies. So now I just need to duplicate them consistently when/if my bakery does open....

And now I'm revising my first love - chocolate chip cookies. After such a long break from baking them, I've sorta lost the feel for it, which explains why I screwed up my 2 attempts at it last weekend. Thankfully, I got it right by my 3rd attempt, except it was still not as nice as I remembered. So this week will consist of more experimentation. Most proceeds (disasters :( and successes :d) will go towards my guinea pig dive buddies at the end of April ;)

BTW my new Rowenta oven 7868 was slightly disappointing, its wattage seems a little low, so it cannot maintain the set temperature whenever I place anything inside, especially if there is a lot of moisture, like cakes. This has been causing me havoc whenever I bake cheesecke. I always have to set at least 20C higher in order to reach the desired T. Further more, the heating is not really even. The fans heat the innermost side of the oven more, while the grill heat the left side more than the right. Furthermore, bottom heating is much less powerful than the top. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

And it's troubling how I get ambiguous reactions about my baked goods. I can easily get compliments of "quite good" and "very nice". But nobody has placed any orders yet, so I wonder if they really really super super liked it, or are they just saying it because it's free and their expectations of an amateur baker were low.

Maybe on the global competitive scale, my baked goods are merely "not bad" or "average" to them?
Or maybe there are just too few diehard cookie/cheesecake addicts among my guinea pigs.
Or most people need a special occasion or special time of day to even consider buying non-bread baked goods.
In any case, it really dampens my plans for starting a non-bread focused bakery.

Currently NTW and Pendulum Chaos satisfy all my own usage requirements, plus its sales counts are so depressingly low. What this means is that I am chronically demotivated towards adding in new features and stuff.
So...., your feedback is my only source of motivation, pls feedback if you wish any changes.

Ok, semi-rant over!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Names for bakery!

Planning planning planning, I do love planning things :D, even make-belief ones. Let's hope this online store takes off well enough first.

Thinking of names now. Made one long list, eliminated many more, can;t decide on a good one, but my preference is towards the Straightforward, Whimsically unrelated, Geeky, and Statement?

- Yandaokia/Robbin's Desserts/Bakeshop/Bakery/Oven/Furnace
- Notorious Yandaokia/Robbin's Baking Company

Whimsically unrelated
- The Oven/Bakeshop Kitty (Kitty is old phrase for a community money pot, and also compatible with Cat's Tongue cookies.)

- Furnace Recipes/Science/Lab
- Made In Furnace
- Dessert MicroFabrication Lab
- Metropolis Baking Lab
- Ovenology FS101/OV101 (Already exists though, a company selling oven-cleaning technology)

- Flour+Oven(I really like this one even though I dun think its really catchy)
- Flour+Furnace
- Made From Flour

- Android Baking Company
- National Bakeshop of Singapore

- iBake4U
- iBake uEat

- Daily Dessert/Dough/Cookie
- Cookies and Cheesecakes (CC Bakery? Hmmm, in this case maybe PAP will sponsor me :D)

- Refined Recipes (But sounds too atas and not catchy at all)
- The Reluctant/Reformed Incinerator
- Cookiehouse
- Refined Recipes
- Half Incinerated
- The Reluctant Dessert
- Four PM Bakery
- Creamed Butter
- Oven Addictions
- Ovenheart/Furnaceheart
- More Dough Please
- Stealthy Treats (Tagline: Fug it I dun care, it tastes good!)
- Sugar Cravings (Sh i t, another one taken already)
- Flour Power! (edit: Arrggghhh, sh i t google says this is a very popular name)
- Rolling in the Dough Baking Company (:D But too long :( And bakeries with that name exist already too :'()

Monday, 12 March 2012

Selling cookies, brownies and cheesecakes

Ok, I've made up my mind, I'm going to try to sell my cookies, brownies and cheesecakes online, and maybe even the flour mixes as well. If the response is good enough, I can consider starting a fully-fledged bizness with a physical shop, probably at the airport or SMU/SIM/NUS.

The overall concept will be somewhat similar to the macaroon shops, Petit Provence, and Royce chocolates, i.e. quality ingredients, freshly baked, nicely packaged, just a select few choices, but ALL VERY TASTY :D.
Prices will be higher than supermarket, but not extravagantly so. I've calculated, and I think my business model should be focusing on trying to get the sales figures above a certain value rather than trying to maximize profit margin per cookie. Then and only then can the prices be realistically affordable rather than ridiculously high.

I've also thought about copying the sales method of Papa Roti and Beard Papa bakeries but I've seen how their business at food basements of some malls are quite slow even during crowded evenings, so I think Singaporeans just aren't very receptive to queuing up for takeaway costly gourmet desserts yet. Therefore, the sales method I will probably go with is pick out your own cookie/puddings for $1+ each like a typical bakery. But due to cooling requirements, cheesecakes and brownies will still be sold from the counter.

However, health-conscientiousness tends to be very strong now, I myself have refrained from ordering desserts at a pretty good cafe near my workplace because of the calories, so I think smaller portions and light not-too-sweet tastes are critical for overcoming this mental barrier. If I open a full fledged cafe in the future though, then I can consider selling bigger portions like Delifrance and Starbucks, and with whipped cream/syrup and other sides as well!

I'm not a fan of overly sweet desserts, and I really do love my chocolate dark and my cookies crisp. So my offerings will tend to be based these 3 tenets.

No prices yet, but here's the menu for now. I only use real butter, not vegetable oil.
You can also see some pics I took during my early attempts here: Photo album

Menu (2012-03-13)

Cat's tongue cookies
Very flavourful and not overly sweet, this cookie is wonderful with a good pot of tea or coffee. Its light and crisp texture melts in your mouth at first bite and will leave you craving for more. If you've tasted Hokkaido's 白色恋人 before, then you know how addictively tasty this cookie is.
Available flavours - strawberry, lemon, orange, orange chocolate, chocolate, raisins, pandan, coconut, nutella.

Viennese cookies
Mildly sweet and with a velvety smooth, crumbly texture. This cookie is great on its own or with a good )

Available flavours - chocolate, pandan, coconut, nutella.

Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate cookies has always been my first love and I started out baking purely CCC for several months before I even considered diversifying. I can proudly say that the scientist in me has lead to tirelessly tweak the recipe for 80+ carefully catalogued attempts. I can proudly say my final result is near the pinnacle of perfection for crispy CCC.
Available flavours - Dark choc, dark choc and macadamias, dark choc and almonds, 

Dark chocolate brownies
I owe this recipe to Ms Ng CY who baked and brought such a wonderfully chewy and chocolatey brownie to the office that I had to ask her for the recipe. I've modified it a few times to change the chocolate, sugar and butter proportions. If you like chewy brownies that is not too sweet and has a crisp crust, with complex inter-mingling flavours, then you will love this :D
Available flavours - Dark choc plus any combination of cinnamon, rum, macadamia, almonds, nutella

Light cheesecakes
Who can resist my cheesecakes? Its cheesiness blends perfectly with the mildly sweet flavours, ah..... Heavenly to smell, divine to taste, and disappears magically in your mouth. (They are somewhat lighter than the american light cheesecakes, and quite a bit moister than the really really light and cakey Japanese cheesecakes.)
Available flavours - almond, strawberry, lemon, orange, and maybe pandan too...

Gluten free coconut cocoa cookies

Spectacularly crisp and crumbly texture, alluring coconut fragrance, slight caramelized taste, sweetened to perfection.... I invented this recipe from scratch. It's made with oat flour I ground myself from raw oats, so it's gluten free! Other good stuff include gula melaka instead of sugar, and actual shredded coconut flesh. Droolzzz...

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pendulum Chaos showcase video

First time using movie maker, so pardon the lack of sophistication :o
I wonder if it can go viral....

Thursday, 23 February 2012

How do I increase download rates of my apps.....

I'm thinking how to increase the download rates of my apps. A youtube video would probably work for Pendulum Chaos, but NTW is sort of problematic. Thing is, the power of NTW will not really be appreciated by casual users. And I'm not very good at making super beautifully designed graphics and stuff... I'm afraid I've always been rather utilitarian.

So here's some ideas I brainstormed up for my 2 apps

Pendulum Chaos
- Allow users to write script files to control exactly how the blurriness and color is calculated, set limits, make use of bmps as their pendulums instead, make special background effects etc etc. But problem is the calculation of blurriness and color already has over a LOT of variables that can be tweaks even using just my current 2 color equation, so I dunno man.... Will people actually want such a feature? Would the difficulty level be to high for them and/or too high for me to program?

- Allow users to record videos of the wave that can be converted to Live wallpaper that can be uploaded/downloaded freely via my sorely neglected guinea-pig website. This is cool, but I have to look into it first.... I have never programmed live wallpaper before.

- Enable users to share their txt files via a network folder that connects to a NTW dedicated server somewhere. The general idea is to share the novels/recipes/etc you're writing. Exactly how this could be implemented is still a big question. I could open a special sugarsync folder just for NTW and share the username and password around? Or make it integrated as part of NTW's own file explorer. But I think people will prefer to share via Facebook, twitter or their own blogs and such, so maybe this is a bad idea afterall

- Make NTW open Java/C/Matlab/HTML etc code with customizable coloring options. This should elevate NTW to the ultimate level of geekiness I think :D :D :D. But I dun think many people will want to write code on their Android device :(

 - Pay for advertisements! But but but .... I'm poor and cheapskate :'(

Lastly, what I fail to mention thus far is, I really need to find a way to better monetize my apps. Maybe I should write apps related to SMS, soft keyboards, GPS, golf and phone calls.... People who care about these features tend to be more fervent than others and should be willing to pay for them, right???

Pendulum Chaos

My second app! This is a small app to appreciate the beauty of pendulum waves.

Pendulum Chaos is a simulation of a pendulum wave. By setting up a series of pendulums of carefully selected lengths, a pendulum wave effect is generated.


For the fellow geeks out there, the basic equation I used is theta(t)=theta0*cos(t/sqrt(L/g)).
The pendulum lengths are calculated with L(i)=g(1/(2PI*I(i)))^2.

You can also find cool videos of actual pendulum waves on youtube! These videos are also what prompted me to write this app. :D

How to use?
It's all pretty self-explanatory. You control the number of pendulums, initial swing angle, overall speed, pendulum size and colours.
I even allowed swing angles of up to 360 degrees to get effects impossible in an experimental setup.
Experiment with them yourself to get some really nice graphics!

Use similar shades of color, perhaps of light and dark brightness levels, and allow some transparency to your colors, then slow down the simulation speed to really appreciate the wave effect.

If you have any questions, you can email me at or just post something on my blog.

Monday, 6 February 2012

v1.61 is out :D

Yay! v1.60 was released without any need for major debugging afterwards 
Let's hope v1.61 can do the same.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you NTW v1.61!

- Sort NTW's shelf by file name, date, type etc!

- HTML view at long last! And with text justification (i.e. alignment of both left and right) 
However, HTML mode works only as a view mode, but you can easily switch between raw text and html modes to edit it on the fly.

Note: File with non ".html" extensions are displayed using a default template whose font size, spacing and colors will follow your theme settings. If you know how to use HTML tags, you can insert them in yourself to manipulate the look of specific words and sentences, and even display pictures! However, the text that your custom tags wrap around must not contain any newlines.

Files with ".html" extensions are displayed using the file's specifications. Some display hiccups may be present due to NTW's chunking system, but the file itself will still be saved exactly as it is in the raw text mode.

- No more weird truncation between each chunk. Loading of each chunk will now preferentially start and end with newlines, spaces, ".", or ","

- Disabled long press during view only mode.

- Tweaks to copy/cut/paste, select text functions

- Made some icons more informative.

- Minor tweaks and corrections

Feedback, anyone?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Just some wordplay...
My alias is Erik de Viking Sheep, because of  Bladerunner
My independent Android development company is Wool Floats Co.
And I'm making NTW's fast scrollthumb my mascot, named Ram al'Thor... hahahaha!

Of course, the android theme could be problematic if ever I decide to expand to the Apple OS devices.... Hmmm....