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Friday, 23 November 2012

BLACK FRIDAY! NTW price cut ;)


Prices cut to the minimum that Google will allow for each respective currency :D

Switch over to NTW Pro now and enjoy its whole arsenal! For example, Undo/Redo history up to 9999, custom fonts, continuous Text to Speech, power tools like word wrapping, EOL control and so on!

Some reviews by NTW Pro users:

Andrew: The ONLY fullscreen, distraction free editor on the market! Absolutely fantastic! Great distraction-free editor implementation, and the only one on the market that's got a working fullscreen edit! (I've tried -all- of them). If you want to do real writing on your phone with a bluetooth keyboard, -this- is the way to do it. I can finally write -anywhere-! Super customizable, and the theme out of the box is high contrast and very easy to work with. I don't have a tablet to test it on, but I expect it's just as good on one. Great, responsive dev!
Dennis: Best Droid editor! I've tried the popular ones. I use NTW to update my website. It's totally reliable. I bought the pro version.
Dominik: Naprawdę obsługuje duże pliki Polecam. To chyba jedyny program, który pozwala na edycję pliku powyżej pół megabajta.
Ernest: Only editor that handles large files. Haven't used many of its features, but I like the ones that I HAVE used.
Br: Very nice. Love the customization options, works well with Swiftkey Tablet (unlike some other well known text editors), does what it's supposed to do. Surprised it's not used more.
Alistair: Brilliant text editor. Works brilliantly. Not sure about the original theme settings but these are easily reconfigured. Can't think of any other features I would need. I edit HTML documents sometimes and it has a html mode which is great. Good work.

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