This blog was created as a platform for my Android apps, namely NTW Text Editor and Pendulum Chaos so far. But I admit I neglect it and often digress, a lot :'(

Nevertheless, if you are interested in this sort of things, you can glean some conceptual insights into how NTW was conceived in my earliest posts

Friday, 23 November 2012

BLACK FRIDAY! NTW price cut ;)


Prices cut to the minimum that Google will allow for each respective currency :D

Switch over to NTW Pro now and enjoy its whole arsenal! For example, Undo/Redo history up to 9999, custom fonts, continuous Text to Speech, power tools like word wrapping, EOL control and so on!

Some reviews by NTW Pro users:

Andrew: The ONLY fullscreen, distraction free editor on the market! Absolutely fantastic! Great distraction-free editor implementation, and the only one on the market that's got a working fullscreen edit! (I've tried -all- of them). If you want to do real writing on your phone with a bluetooth keyboard, -this- is the way to do it. I can finally write -anywhere-! Super customizable, and the theme out of the box is high contrast and very easy to work with. I don't have a tablet to test it on, but I expect it's just as good on one. Great, responsive dev!
Dennis: Best Droid editor! I've tried the popular ones. I use NTW to update my website. It's totally reliable. I bought the pro version.
Dominik: Naprawdę obsługuje duże pliki Polecam. To chyba jedyny program, który pozwala na edycję pliku powyżej pół megabajta.
Ernest: Only editor that handles large files. Haven't used many of its features, but I like the ones that I HAVE used.
Br: Very nice. Love the customization options, works well with Swiftkey Tablet (unlike some other well known text editors), does what it's supposed to do. Surprised it's not used more.
Alistair: Brilliant text editor. Works brilliantly. Not sure about the original theme settings but these are easily reconfigured. Can't think of any other features I would need. I edit HTML documents sometimes and it has a html mode which is great. Good work.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

The stunned silence that followed was clichédly deafening, and yes, you could easily hear a pin drop.

"Well, what do you say? The boy ain't got all night you know, his body will go back to dying again when the Finkarian restoratives wear off."

"We can become Life-Users..." Hans said in a wistful tone.

"Really? Us? For real? Us" Delana was babbling.

"Yes, to save the boy." said the doctor, and seeing the shiny stars in their eyes, added with a smirky little drawl in his voice, "But don't worry, you'll both be very weak Users. Back in the day, we called Users like you luuuusers." , dragging out the last word with much aplomb.

After a very short pause, Delana retorted, "I'm gonna kill you one day Matthias!"

She was always good at a fast recovery, Hans thought, he himself was so mortified at having his hopes raised and then dashed that he could only manage a reproachful look at the wretched doctor. He and Delana had grown up together, childhood sweethearts, and the topic they discussed the most throughout their youth was to become magic Users. Delana favoured the raw power of the Divas, while he himself thought the technowizardry feats of the Finkarians were more amazing. But really, they weren't picky, becoming any type of magic User at all would be a dream come true for both of them.

"Oh, don't sulk! It's not what it's cracked up to be, most people just treat it as a tool of last resort. Being a Life User, especially a weak one like what you'll be, is often just too much trouble than it's worth. You get bad headaches, waking nightmares, and a wide range of sensations that we call the Shivers whenever any major activity on the network passes down to you." said Matthias with a rueful shake of his head, then continued with a smug look.
"Some Users actually went to register themselves just to make their lives more bearable, but luckily for you, I know an alternative solution." He finished off with a complicated flourish of his sleeves and a little tip of his head.

There was clearly a bit of the rascal in the doctor that they had never seen before, perhaps this was the old him, before whatever happened that made him become a doctor in Tradmart.

"Who will it be then?" Matthia said, he was suddenly all seriousness again.

"Me." Delana said quickly.

Hans knew what she was trying to do. True, it was Delana's turn now; they had worked out a system when it came to unpleasant things that had to be done, and it had become so ingrained in their daily lives they barely had to consciously keep track anymore. Being a weak Life User was apparently going to something of a lifelong suffering, so Delana was going to insist on following through with their system.

"NO! This is serious, we have to discuss this!" Hans cried out immediately, he just couldn't let her take on this kind of burden.

"What is there to discuss really? Hans, you and I have both wanted a baby for so long, and one of us has to do it. Why not me?" Delana said stoically. She was going to be stubborn. "Matthias, just how bad can things get for a weak Life-User?"

"It won't kill you if that's what you're asking. Don't fret too much, you'll get a lot of headaches and bad dreams the first few weeks, but eventually you'll get the hang of my method. And frankly, I think Delana would be more suitable to save the boy, most undeveloped minds respond better to a motherly touch."

To be continued...