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Friday, 26 October 2012

Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

The ensuing commotion was predictably chaotic but thankfully short. The doctor took over immediately and quickly organized them into a semblance of cooperative effort. Wrapping him up in hot towels, blowing a few breaths down his mouth, pumping on his little chest, and then dripping a drop of Finkarian restorative down his throat. They repeated this on and on into the long night.

Sometime in the night, Corporal Reynolds left, apologizing profusely but also telling them he couldn't see much point in continuing and his nerves were so rattled he needed to go home for a long rest.

That was true, the innkeeper found himself thinking, it was all very touching, but also extremely bizarre that the dear doctor would try so hard to bring back a child who was so obviously dead. Drowned or chilled to death, it didn't matter. He had lost count after the 8th cycle of blow, pump and restorative. If he could have been revived, he would have long ago. The doctor was no stranger to death, he should have accepted this one by now.

He exchanged a look with Delana and could tell she was thinking the same too. Then with a sigh and a little shake of her head, she tilted her chin towards the doctor and looked pointedly at her husband. Well then, fine, it was his turn this time.

"Mattias, " He said hesitantly, "Perhaps, it's time to -"
"No." The doctor said, and then he frowned, not with frustration or grief, but strangely as though he was intrigued by an interesting problem. "I can carry on. The two of you can go to bed if you wish, I'll carry on down here. I'm sure I can fix this by dawn."

"Mattias, he is dead. You have to let it go." The innkeeper persisted. He imagined that the doctor perhaps had a poignant regret with some other drowned baby he failed to save, these sort of things were possible and can affect people in unusual ways.

"No, really, I have it under control. I can feel it. He is not really dead... in fact he may not even really be alive either, but it is definitely there, so so strongly. My methods are just not right. Maybe I need to be more subtle and guide it more instead of pushing.... Dammit, I'm out of practice, too damaged, and I just can't handle that much Life!"

"Huh?" The innkeeper and his wife were lost. Had the dear doctor lost his marbles?

The doctor froze in mid-pump, looking afraid all of a sudden. He stared at the innkeeper and his wife for a while, apparently thinking. Then he visibly relaxed and said "Hans and Delana, we've known each other for a long time, and I know you two are trustworthy folks. Tell me, would you like to adopt this child?"

"Are you insane, Matthias, Don't toy with my feelings, it's dead!" Delana cried out.
"I think he's serious, Delana. Didn't you notice him mentioning Life? You're a Life-User, aren't you, Matthias? Your Life can save this child?" 

There was a short silence before the doctor spoke with a grimace.
"Yes. I'll appreciate if you could keep this to yourself."

"You know you can trust us. But... why the secrecy, Matthias? So what if you're a Life-User? It's no crime really, even the unregistered ones get no more than a few days confinement in the School if caught."

"I have my reasons." The doctor said grimly. "Now, do you want to adopt this child?"

Of course they did. They had been trying for the past 3 years, but Delana had only managed to experience four miscarriages, each more painfully saddening than the last.

"Good. The Finkarian restorative has restored his body somewhat, but its efforts are limited because his consciousness is somehow numb to all our efforts, like a very deep sleep, but deeper than anything I've ever encountered. I've been trying to prod his consciousness all this while to awaken it so it will connect with his body, but it's not responding. I need your help."

"But what can we do? We don't know any magics, can't you just pump Life into him until he wakes up?" 

"Arrrrgghhh, the ignorance of laymen! The Life I wield is not like a drug that can be poured down anyone's throat. Life, is a network of every living mind, a Volyns State existence that only other Life Users can truly comprehend. A Life-user has the ability to access this network, and through it, influence the minds of others. I have an idea on how to bring him back, but at least one of you will have to become a Life-User too. And I would advice that you keep yourself unregistered."

To be continued... :P