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Friday, 16 March 2012

Names for bakery!

Planning planning planning, I do love planning things :D, even make-belief ones. Let's hope this online store takes off well enough first.

Thinking of names now. Made one long list, eliminated many more, can;t decide on a good one, but my preference is towards the Straightforward, Whimsically unrelated, Geeky, and Statement?

- Yandaokia/Robbin's Desserts/Bakeshop/Bakery/Oven/Furnace
- Notorious Yandaokia/Robbin's Baking Company

Whimsically unrelated
- The Oven/Bakeshop Kitty (Kitty is old phrase for a community money pot, and also compatible with Cat's Tongue cookies.)

- Furnace Recipes/Science/Lab
- Made In Furnace
- Dessert MicroFabrication Lab
- Metropolis Baking Lab
- Ovenology FS101/OV101 (Already exists though, a company selling oven-cleaning technology)

- Flour+Oven(I really like this one even though I dun think its really catchy)
- Flour+Furnace
- Made From Flour

- Android Baking Company
- National Bakeshop of Singapore

- iBake4U
- iBake uEat

- Daily Dessert/Dough/Cookie
- Cookies and Cheesecakes (CC Bakery? Hmmm, in this case maybe PAP will sponsor me :D)

- Refined Recipes (But sounds too atas and not catchy at all)
- The Reluctant/Reformed Incinerator
- Cookiehouse
- Refined Recipes
- Half Incinerated
- The Reluctant Dessert
- Four PM Bakery
- Creamed Butter
- Oven Addictions
- Ovenheart/Furnaceheart
- More Dough Please
- Stealthy Treats (Tagline: Fug it I dun care, it tastes good!)
- Sugar Cravings (Sh i t, another one taken already)
- Flour Power! (edit: Arrggghhh, sh i t google says this is a very popular name)
- Rolling in the Dough Baking Company (:D But too long :( And bakeries with that name exist already too :'()


  1. Cookie House (if it's not yet used) or something simple and easy to remember is best loh.

    Think BreadTalk, 12 Cupcakes etc etc

  2. Actually I'm thinking of making cheesecakes the focus now, because it's much better received overall, whereas for cookies, I only have 2 really good cookies that IMHO are comparable to Famous Amos yet in a totally different manner. Yet most people seem to be immune to the addictions of cookies.

    But see first how lah, I plan to make a few batches to sell at a friend's eatery in NUS/ITE in a few months time. Now I'm just gonna focus on getting ripped for the last time in my life before I become a fat baker :'(